Monday, July 28, 2008


So, it was Saturday. I was sitting beside the Jayakarta Bandung Hotel's swimming pool when he gave me a text message: He wanted to broke up with me.

Okay, I'm usually a though girl. But that time, tears was just came from my eyes. So, I went to the hotel's bathroom (because we can't check in to the hotel room yet) and yeah, I cried like a dumb.
So that day, we broke up. He broke my heart into million pieces.

I checked his messages over and over again (and also cried over and over again). On the next day, when I just woke up, the first thing I did was check my inbox. I actually wished that what happened yesterday was only just a dream, a bad dream. But the messages was still there...

I couldn't really use my brain right now, I couldn't concentrate in the class. My friends kept cheering me up, making me laugh and telling me to move on. But it can't be that easy, those 2 years memories are still in my head. Well the boys were teased me for a little, but I knew its just their way to make me feel better, to forget it.

I laughed, I cheered up. But only a little.

There was so many pictures of us, which I don't know what to do with: should I keep them, or just throw them away?

So, end of the words, I'm still in a heartbroken situation. Better that we break? I don't know, but he feels like that. He feels that it'll be better if we break up. And what can I do? Force him to not break our relationship? No, I don't think so.

I still love him, and I don't know when and how will this end.................. :'}

Sorry for my English, its sucks. But it'll be worse if I wrote it in Bahasa, believe me.


  1. thi.. be strong, ok? you'll be just fine, amin :]

  2. thiaaaa yang sabar ya,ada aku kok ( siapa sih lo cha?plis deh zz) heheeee

  3. kak sabar ya.......................

  4. thiaa sabaar ya. temen aku jg ada yg barusan putus padahal udah 2 taunan jg gt. that's not easy at all, tp mungkin its easier daripada ngelanjutinnya. semangat ya thi:D