Friday, September 5, 2008

Flare Effect Tutorial

Since a lot of people asked me how to make the flare effect, here's the tutorial.

1. First, open the picture you want.

2. Then, the flare picture. You can search it on google, getty images, or The one I used here is mine. Copy the image (Ctrl+C)

3. Open your first picture and paste the flare (Ctrl+V). So, the flare layer will be on the top.

4. Okay, you only need to change the flare layer blending mode to Screen. There, you got picture with flare. If you want to play with the color, I usually used Color Balance, Curves & Levels. Well then, have fun! ;)


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  2. hey thia, keyword buat nyari gambar flare di google/ apa ya? gue udah nyoba nyari tapi gada, hehe -)