Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sorry for the unreplied cbox, later okay?

Yesterday I went to PIM with Abie. We left my house on 8 pm because Abie still had things to do. It was so late! While my mom wanted me to go home at 9. But well we managed to have a dinner at Sushi Tei. I was soooo in hurry, we even didn't take any photos. At Sushi Tei we eat and talk, he kept reminding me that it's 11 days until my birthday, yeah yeah it means I will be older than him and most of my friends, which I don't really like.
After dinner, Abie wanted to go to the photobox, he said he'll use the photo for something (something for my birthday, I presume haha) but because it was so late the photobox had closed. Too bad :D It was a fun night, still.