Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Not-So-Good Day

Today is not really good (oh well, today is NOT good at all), the first news came from Abie. He was almost kidnapped. Well, just read this for further story.
The second came from my little brother, Alvin. He must stay in the hospital because of muntaber (what's muntaber in English, anyway?). I'm so worried. Tadi pagi badannya panas banget dan baru dibawa ke rumah sakit siangnya. Pas tadi gue ke Eka Hospital, mukanya lemeeeeeeeeeeeeees banget. Kayak yang pengen senyum tapi nggak bisa. Ngeliatnya pengen nangis gue, beneran. My dad and mom and maid is staying in the hospital tonight, so it's just me, my little sister, and my other maid in the house now. And I'm pretty scared.

So, to anyone who read this: doain Alvin cepet sembuh yaaaaaaaa. Semoga nggak terjadi kenapa-kenapa yang lebih parah because I miss his cute little laugh. :''(


  1. aduh poto yang kedua kasian banget
    smoga cepet sembuhhhh
    amin amin amin

  2. Get well soon little Alvin............ :)

  3. thi muntaber tuh ky gmn dh? muntahnya berak gtu?

  4. aih, cepet sembuhnya kokoh sayang!
    muntaber itu sering muntah muntah sama berak (maaf) gitu

  5. ahhh cepat sembuh yaa ya allahh itu mukanya ga tahann kasian banget ya :'(

  6. thank you every oneeeeee, he's better now hehe udah pulang ke rumah :')