Friday, May 1, 2009

Today I skipped school.
Well, not exactly skipped. I woke up really late (on 6:45 am when I supposed to wake on............... 5:45 am?). No one woke me up! They thought school start on Monday. My school will send us home if we're late so I don't see any reason why I should come. Thank God, my mom let me stay at home because on the previous day I was kind of sick. Well I still don't feel really good right now but it's better than yesterday.

And I've been online for like......... 10 hours? Almost non-stop? HAHA. I'm addicted to Neopets again, cannot stop collecting avatars (I'm sure you don't know what I was saying -____-)

Any way, we got an assignment for graphic design class. The task is to make a magazine cover or a catalog cover. We (me, Dhiny, Nabiel, Tera, and Dira) decided to make a magazine cover, which is easier. Here's the result (:

I don't know what's FREEZE mean, I mean, why I use the word as the magazine name. It just sounds catchy :/


  1. kenapa 18 agustus????? (Y) lah thi

  2. ngasal aja coy hahaha tadinya 2010 lebih asal lagi haha. thanks!

  3. thi link blog gue dooong hahahhaa ya ya ya ? hehehe,gue udh link elo kooo

  4. Thi gue juga ada artikel jason mraz tau (ceritanya) haha

  5. saras: oke ;)

    mumu: hasuahusahshuahsua mana punya u w lihat dunk

  6. Bintang Lestada: Bukan les kok, pelajaran sekolah huehe