Monday, June 29, 2009


(I'm soooooo in the mood of blogging and posting pictures, so, sorry for the followers if your dashboard fulled with my posts ;D)

Today, me and some of my elementary school friends (Devin, Aip, Deta, Sarah, and Bianda), had a lunch at McDonald BSD to discuss our reunion on 4th July.

After that, we were so bored and too lazy to go home, Devin asked me and Aip to come with him to the Driving Range. We agreed :D. Because I'm poor at golf (I only play golf at the Putt-Putt Golf) HAHA) so I just watched Devin playing and Aip making fool of him self, and of course, took some photos! :D



It was soooo windy.

Aip, bare footed golf player hahahaha.

Me and Aip were just playing around with Ika's club and ball, lol.



Some part of Life Is Wonderful lyric by Jason Mraz :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today my Dad went to Kalimantan for a week, so me, my mom, my siblings and my maid dropped him at the Airport. Too bad I couldn't take some pictures there, because my sister already begged my mom to go to Pacific Place. There was Yuppy Land. Gue pikir apa ya gitu Yuppy Land, ternyata bentuk-bentuk dinosaurus, sapi, buah-buahan dll yang ditempelin Yuppy, udah gitu fulled with little children and their big ego. Well yeah, they're children, that's why I don't really like them.

But not bad, my mom bought us some pack of gummy yummmmmm.

On the way to Airport.

Me and Dhea

Gummy cow

Gummy T-Rex

Gummy Alvin........... mmmm no


& Alvin.
He's cute isn't he?

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Went to Citos to meet Dira, Dinda, and Gabby. I waited for them for like 2 hours at Starbucks. After they showed up, we went to buy movie tickets. Because there was no chances to get Transformers tickets (already knew that), we bought 17 Again tickets.

Dinner at Burger King.

Gabby, Me, Dira

Me, Dinda, Dira.
Okay I'm soooo short.


Then, Gabby left because her dad already picked her up. Too bad she couldn't join us to watch 17 Again, because the movie was really funny and touching (especially for me and Dinda hahaha). I hated Zac Efron who played in HSM, but in 17 Again he was...............gorgeous? Hehe.

On 9pm my mom called me and she said she gonna pick me up, so we decided to wait for her at Starbucks.





(++more photos)

It was so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee, I missed them, because it's been awhile since the last time I hanged out with them. And I'm glad that we could have some chit-chat about something and after some 'lectures' from Dinda, I felt a lot better. Love ya guys. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


I can't forget you when you're gone.
You're like a song

that goes around in my head
And how I regret

It's been so long.
Oh, what went wrong?
Could it be something I said?
Time, make it go faster,

Or just rewind
To back when I'm wrapped in your arms

Well, yeah that's for you. You know who you are...
Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, sorry if I talked about 'things', I know it's your own life and I know I have no business any more, not even the tiny one. But some times it's just hard to accept the fact that happen right now, after these few years? Hmmmm, if you think that I don't care, you're wrong. So yeah, after all, I just want your happiness (I have to admit that), and if this is the way you get it, well okay. My life isn't ended yet. :)


I've been spending my lousy days watching Ugly Betty. Yeah, all day long. The first thing I did in the morning was walked to my parent's room, turned on the DVD player and watched Ugly Betty until 4 pm, I took a bath, and watched again until 9 pm then go to sleep.

Well maybe not that dramatic, but the point is Ugly Betty is my friend for these past few days.

Actually, I did something pretty fun this week. Because I still had free bowling vouchers, I spent them with my friends. On Tuesday, I went to the bowling center with Kara and Adli, and on Thursday with Adli, Kara, Kara's brother: Kevin, Kara's sister: Kak Arin, and Kak Arin's boyfriend.

Me playing bowling, hahaha.


Kara & Adli my best duo. Kara is my best friend and Adli is my ojek HAHA kidding.


I wasn't ready -.-


The score. Turned out that I was the winner ;)


(Not in the mood of photo-editing, maybe later :p)

By the way, I'll go to Bangkok on 8th July. Any recommendations of what I must visit? Tell me tell me, it'll be appreciated :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Day in Kota Tua

Today I went to Kota Tua with my family (my first time). I know I know, maybe you're bored with it, but I always love to visit new places :)

Dad, Dhea my little sister, mom, and Alvin my little brother on the back.


Alvin and mom.



Alvin and dad.

(Random photos, more on my facebook album)

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Cuteness Alert!


(Photos from here)

BEN WISHAW! The one who played as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille on Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and he's really got my attention. I watched an interview of him on Youtube and he was so shy, cuteeeee :D

The movie was so cool and disturbing at the same time. I want to read the novel! Next time I go to a book store, I must buy it :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Science? Mmmm.



Today my mom and dad took my report card and what a shock, I'm on the sixth rank! This is so funny, soalnya gue nggak pernah nyangka bakal masuk ke dalam 10 besar di kelas. Alhamdulillah :)
I got into science class, which I don't really care. Mau masuk IPA atau IPS gue nggak masalah :P. The only thing that stuck in my mind is.......... the teachers! The teachers of science class in my school are kind of creepy, especially the 12th grade teachers hmmmmmmm *crossing fingers*.

I had a lunch with my family at Chopstix Citos.

3:20 PM, hmmmm a late lunch

Fried wonton, one of our lunch menu.

Then we visited my grandpa's house at Cimanggis. There were alang-alang in front of his house and I asked my mom to take some photos of me.

(Taken by my mom)

Thursday, June 18, 2009



Yes today I ate like a pig:

Fried potato and sunny side up egg for breakfast
Instant fried noodle on 11 pm
Fried chicken and rice for lunch (yesssssssssssss I broke my blood-type diet again this week)
Koko krunch with milk on 4 pm
Two toasted bread with chocolate & nut jam
Fried potato and sunny side up egg on 5 pm (AGAIN!)
Rendang and rice for dinner

That's a lot, no wonder I got fatter and fatter every day.
Akhirnya jadi juga!
On Tuesday, me, Tami, and Anti went to PIM because we were craving for SUSHI!
Tadinya gue bener-bener mau ngabisin uang buat makan sushi, tapi ternyata gue cuma mengeluarkan duit Rp 32.000 saja (a plate of salmon maki and......... I forgot what, also the taxes of course), thanks Anti for buying me and Tami a plate of sushi LOL ;)

Duit gue malah habis buat beli makanan-makanan kecil yang sebenernya nggak begitu penting tapi menggiurkan di Food Hall.


Anti and I were done with our sushi, tapi Tami makannya kayak siput jadi gue fotoin aja dia haha.


(The first picture taken by Tami and the third by Anti, and they were stolen from Tami's facebook ;D)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Note to self: Find love.

Well, it turned out thaaaaaaaaaaaaat gue nggak jadi makan sushi nanti. Hmmmmmm no problem, I need some time for my self to.......... think, to dream, and reminiscing.

Suddenly I lose my mood to do anything.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I was so cute back then.

Just kidding. I looked creepy. And hungry. Haha.


Tomorrow I will have sushi with Tami and Anti. Can't wait! :)


(And yes I will use my Photobucket account from now on. So, get ready to see HUGE pictures)