Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dira's Birthday

Yesterday I went to Dira's house to celebrate her birthday, and since the house is kinda far from mine (her house at Pamulang and mine at BSD), my mom, dad, both my sibling, and my maid dropped me at her house haha. I never came there before, I have never been to Pamulang except SMAN 1 Pamulang when I joined a rally photo contest there, and now I already forgot where it was. Intinya gue buta sama yang namanya Pamulang haha.

Thank God it's not too hard to find her house. When I got there at 7 pm, there's only Dira, her boyfriend Irza, Gaby, Irza's friend (which I forgot the name haha), Dira's friend (I forgot her real name but Dira called her Jumbo haha). After that, Dinda and her boyfriend, Ridho, came. Dira was panic, because some of the guests haven't come yet. But Dira's parent told us to eat.

When we were having the dinner, there were from the outside, and there they are, Halim, Suryo, Tommy, Evan, Wildan and Aby. They brought a mini cake for her.

Dira, Tommy, Evan, Suryo, Halim, Aby

Gaby, Dinda, Dira, Thia

Irza and Dira, the first cake :)

Not long after that, Dinda and her boyfriend decided to leave because Dinda's mom got into hospital so there's only her and her sister in her house. Followed by Irza and his friend. The guests decrease into small number but it didn't stop us from being so noisy, especially when we took some photos together (not exactly some because it was A LOT haha)

The guests!
Thia, Halim, Dira, Jumbo, Gaby
Ongky, Tommy, Aby, Evan, Suryo, and Wildan.

On 9:40, my Mom picked me up and the boys left too. It was fun, and my stomach was full :P
More photos here.


  1. waah editan photo nya bagus,gimana cara nya?

  2. ini sama kayak yang di tutorial, cuma beda texture aja :)

  3. selamat ya udah pernah ke pamulang :---D

  4. eh texturenya utul bet hahahaha happy birthday temennyaAyuthiayang lucuituguagatausiapanamanya hahaha Dira bukan sih?

  5. seperti akyuuuuuuuuuuuuu ya lucu texturenya hahahaha iya si dira tam :D

  6. thi itu yang pake baju ijo siapa dah?naksir gua

  7. thia aku mau dong texture yg di pake ini bagus deeeeeh

  8. kaya pake medium format jadinya

  9. cari texture kayak gt gmn ya hehehe keren bgt! :)

  10. aaaa thia dpt drmn texturenyaaa? -leyarocks