Friday, June 26, 2009


I can't forget you when you're gone.
You're like a song

that goes around in my head
And how I regret

It's been so long.
Oh, what went wrong?
Could it be something I said?
Time, make it go faster,

Or just rewind
To back when I'm wrapped in your arms

Well, yeah that's for you. You know who you are...
Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, sorry if I talked about 'things', I know it's your own life and I know I have no business any more, not even the tiny one. But some times it's just hard to accept the fact that happen right now, after these few years? Hmmmm, if you think that I don't care, you're wrong. So yeah, after all, I just want your happiness (I have to admit that), and if this is the way you get it, well okay. My life isn't ended yet. :)


I've been spending my lousy days watching Ugly Betty. Yeah, all day long. The first thing I did in the morning was walked to my parent's room, turned on the DVD player and watched Ugly Betty until 4 pm, I took a bath, and watched again until 9 pm then go to sleep.

Well maybe not that dramatic, but the point is Ugly Betty is my friend for these past few days.

Actually, I did something pretty fun this week. Because I still had free bowling vouchers, I spent them with my friends. On Tuesday, I went to the bowling center with Kara and Adli, and on Thursday with Adli, Kara, Kara's brother: Kevin, Kara's sister: Kak Arin, and Kak Arin's boyfriend.

Me playing bowling, hahaha.


Kara & Adli my best duo. Kara is my best friend and Adli is my ojek HAHA kidding.


I wasn't ready -.-


The score. Turned out that I was the winner ;)


(Not in the mood of photo-editing, maybe later :p)

By the way, I'll go to Bangkok on 8th July. Any recommendations of what I must visit? Tell me tell me, it'll be appreciated :)


  1. you should go to chatuchak market, its the best cheap shopping paradise, you can go there using the skytrain :)

  2. oleh oleh gajah atau pagoda atau waria. muahahhaa canda

  3. yes, chatujak, pratunam, night market/suan lum. PLUS the grand palace. your camera's gna go crazy in grand palace. mm and visit the huge malls: paragon and central world (i think it's the right name haha).

  4. don't worry thia, you don't need to think about him, you're so young, smart and pretty girl. shame on him!
    hehe :)

  5. shila ghaisani: I googled it. seems great! :D

    echo: sip ntar gue bawain gajah waria seukuran pagoda. mau? lalala 3 jaringan selularku

    satisfied: thank you thank you! I'll add it to my list :D

    lidwina grata: thank you kaaaaaak I think you're right :')

  6. HARUS NONTON SIAM NIRAMIT!!!! itu pertunjukan gitu. dan bagussssssss sekaliiii. agak mahal emang. tp ga nyesel dehh beneran keren banget hehehe. terus apa ya.... oiya grand palace. kl ga kesana sm aja ga ke thailand. ahaha. hv fun!

  7. echo: :9

    nisa puspasari: googled it dan iyaaaaaaa kayaknya keren banget tapi emang lumayan mahal yaa. hehe thanks for the information! :D