Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jakarta Jam 2010

Went to Jakarta Jam day two... Or should I say Hellogoodbye's concert? Since the only reason I was there was Hellogoodbye ;)

At first I thought I would be late. Thari, my friend, picked me up with taxi at 6 pm. The concert will be started at 7 pm (as printed on the ticket) and Thari was dying to see FTSK first. But thank God, it was only need one hour from my home to Tennis Indoor Senayan, and the concert wasn't started yet.

I don't know any FTSK nor The Maine's song so I just took photos of them (and none of them were good). After standing and waiting for hours, at about 10pm, Hellogoodbye came on stage!

It was like magic :)

Joseph Marro

Forrest Kline

Andrew Richards

Travis Head

Arrrrr I was pretty close

Me and Thari

And here are some videos I recorded at the concert. Too bad they weren't the full length videos, since I couldn't find any free video converter for MTS format (maybe any one know?).

*Sorry for the low quality pictures.
*AND, I have new flickr! Mind to visit?


  1. AHHH. I was watching the videos you took while jumping around and waving my hands up in the air. I'm so sad I didn't get to watch them ): Lucky you, Ayuthia. :)

  2. I regret so much for not coming to the concert :( btw, u took great pictures of them :)

  3. great photos, you should go into music journalism

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door