Monday, October 3, 2011

Umang Island

Another trip with my family. This time, we went to Pulau Umang. There was an 'accident' on our way to the small dock, but thank God, we got there safely (although our car was kind of damaged).

So sorry for the lack of update. I was so busy with college. But so far, I really enjoy my time here in Prasetiya Mulya with new friends, new surroundings, and new things to learn.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Batu Secret Zoo

After my visit to Brawijaya University, we drove to Batu again and went to Batu Secret Zoo. It was the best zoo I've ever been to. Well not that I've ever been in many zoos, but it was awesome.

They made the exhibits so unique. In one exhibit, I thought it was a classroom and children's playground, but it was actually an exhibit of lemurs! The animals were mostly from Africa, some of them are maybe the kind of animals that you'll never find in any ordinary zoos in Indonesia, especially the monkeys. I took many pictures of odd-looking type of monkeys but only some of them worth to be blogged.

Isn't he adorable? He seems so furry I wanna hug him :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


So yeah, I'm not accepted at University of Indonesia, but at Brawijaya University, my second choice in SNMPTN. I never really thought of moving to Malang, although most of my family live there. So few days ago, my mom and I flew to Malang to 'take a look' at the campus to make me sure I won't regret my decision later.

I decided not to take it. I will be stuck in BSD for the next four years ;)

We visited BNS, Batu Night Spectacular (I know the name makes you like 'Eh?' right? Haha). It's cool.

These creepy hands & foots were actually ashtrays. Scary :S

Monday, June 13, 2011

Goes to Campus, part two.

Our first destination in Yogyakarta was UGM.
Do you know about the Merapi's eruption? Our trip was actually postponed because of the eruption and we couldn't go until everything was save. We thought the trip will be canceled but thank God it wasn't.
We could see with our own eyes the dust/volcanic material that caused by the eruption and we were suggested to use a mask.
I didn't see any smoke nor the volcano though, I wonder why.

↑ Can you find me? :)

After UGM, we went to Keraton Yogyakarta. It was the second time I've been there, my first time was a tour in my 9th grade.

Then, we headed to UNS in Solo. I didn't take any pictures there though because the campus didn't look appealing to me (I'm sorry).
We headed back to Yogyakarta, but first we visited Prambanan Temple. At first, before the Merapi's eruption, the school planned to take us to Borobudur Temple, but because of the eruption the temple were covered with volcanic materials and it was closed for public.

When we entered the main temple complex, it started to raining so I can't use my camera anymore. 

After Prambanan we were taken to Malioboro street and we can do some shopping there. Too bad I didn't take any pictures because I was so busy shopping hee :p

That is all I guess. We slept for one night in our hotel and on the next day we were ready to go back to our school. It was a great 3 days indeed. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goes to Campus, part one

Maybe it's too late but I want to share you my Goes To Campus photos.

Goes To Campus (or GTC for short) is one of the most awaited events in my high school. All of the 12th grader will go to some of the most prestigious universities in Java. As for my year, we went to Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjajaran, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Universitas Sebelas Maret.

It was a great moment :)
And sorry, because it happened around November, I can't remember the details of our journey.

First Day
We started our journey from our school (obviously), SMAN 2 Tangerang Selatan. The teachers gave us some explanation blahblahblah and introduced us to our tour guides. My bus guided by Mas Danang. He was pretty cute and some of the girls in my bus went gaga over him.

Our first destination was UI

↑ I hope this will be my usual 'sight' for the next four years... Amiiin :)

After UI, we went to Unpad in Jatinangor, Bandung. Now the buses split to different faculties, since we didn't have enough time to go to all of the faculties there. As for my bus, we went to the Faculty of Psychology.

↑ Mrs. Galuh, Mrs. Rusminah, Mr. ... eh... I forgot, but he was one of the lecturer in the faculty, and Mrs. Roro.

After that we went to our hotel in Lembang. The place is alright and I got a pretty big room. We arrived at 11pm, I guess. All I want that day was a nice bath and good sleep, but then I found out that I have to share my room with other 14 girls, with only one bathroom. It sucked, but we managed it fine.

Second Day
↑ By the way, meet my best friends: Dea, Anbil, Icha, and Thari. We were classmates in the 11th grade and I got really close with them.

↑ Yes... we're all.... tiny.

After breakfast, we went to ITB. I think ITB has the most beautiful campus compared to the other four.
↑ Pay, Cici, Nurin, Geusan, Vita, Acha, Ibel, Me, Nay, Atha, and Lucy.

↑ This woman in the picture looked like our friend, Illina, who unfortunately can't join us in this GTC :(

↑ Hans & Bongga

After that, we started the 'real' trip. Yes, Yogyakarta!

(Continued to the next post)