Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disneyland is Magical

I decided to change my blog name from Spaces & Words to... ayuthia alsya. Actually I want to change it to something else but I have no idea, so yeah, my name will do :p

On our fourth day in Hongkong, we moved from Novotel Kowloon to Novotel Citygate at Lantau Island so we can be closer to the airport and our next destination: Disneyland Hongkong! :)

Mickey shaped waffle! It was uber cute and very delicious.

Festival of the Lion King show.

Toy Story Land! (:

Alvin with his 'Optimus Prime' pose. Yes, he is obsessed with Transformers.

The Golden Mickey Show. It was played in Cantonese, although there was English subtitle and the song was in English.

Disney in the Stars Fireworks, my favorite moment there.

My favorite attraction of all was Mickey's PhilharMagic. It was a 3D show and it felt so real, there was one scene filled with food (in the Beauty & the Beast movie) and we can actually smell it. I love it. If you're going there, you shouldn't miss it :)

Pop Up Market, 'Carnaby Street'

Don't forget to come to Pop Up Market on 9-11th March 2012 at Grand Indonesia! It's a unique bazaar with more than 40 tenants, fashion show, acoustic performances, pantomime, street magician, and all about Carnaby Street.
Friday 9th will open only for invitation and BCA card (credit/debit/flazz) holder.
For more info about the event, tenants, or anything, follow @PopUp_Market.
All the committees are 100% Prasmulians! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello! It's been awhile, I know. 
I have just finished my internship program few weeks ago--yes, every first semester student in Prasetiya Mulya have to do it during the semester break. I worked at a general insurance company which actually where my mom work at, but I'm in the different division so I didn't work with her. 
It was exhausting really, because I live in BSD and the office was in Senen, Central Jakarta. It's quite far. But the internship itself was so fun, I got the chances to meet new people and feel different atmosphere (and I also get some $$cash$$ from it, although it wasn't that much hehehe)

I went to Hongkong and Macau few days ago with my family. I've waited for the trip for so long because actually we want to go before I get into college, but there was no enough time.

The pictures will be started on the day two, because we arrived at Macau from Hongkong at night. Dad, mom, and I took a walk around the hotel where we stayed, The Venetian Hotel, and got into the casino. It was interesting, although I didn't understand the games except those jackpot machines. Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures there, I was too tired to bring my camera along anyway.

Day Two:

Alfonso, our gondola rower at The Venetian Hotel. He is a half Taiwanese half European, and he got a really really nice voice.

In the afternoon, we go back to Hongkong--Kowloon to be exact--and arrived at 6pm-ish.

Night walk (and shop) at the heart of Kowloon

Day Three:

Hongkong was cold and foggy, it even drizzled for awhile when we were at the Avenue of Stars, so I can't really use my camera. I wonder why, I thought it supposed to be spring already :S

On the tram to The Peak. Look at those fog!

At Madamme Tussauds

On the way back to the Central Pier