Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello! It's been awhile, I know. 
I have just finished my internship program few weeks ago--yes, every first semester student in Prasetiya Mulya have to do it during the semester break. I worked at a general insurance company which actually where my mom work at, but I'm in the different division so I didn't work with her. 
It was exhausting really, because I live in BSD and the office was in Senen, Central Jakarta. It's quite far. But the internship itself was so fun, I got the chances to meet new people and feel different atmosphere (and I also get some $$cash$$ from it, although it wasn't that much hehehe)

I went to Hongkong and Macau few days ago with my family. I've waited for the trip for so long because actually we want to go before I get into college, but there was no enough time.

The pictures will be started on the day two, because we arrived at Macau from Hongkong at night. Dad, mom, and I took a walk around the hotel where we stayed, The Venetian Hotel, and got into the casino. It was interesting, although I didn't understand the games except those jackpot machines. Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures there, I was too tired to bring my camera along anyway.

Day Two:

Alfonso, our gondola rower at The Venetian Hotel. He is a half Taiwanese half European, and he got a really really nice voice.

In the afternoon, we go back to Hongkong--Kowloon to be exact--and arrived at 6pm-ish.

Night walk (and shop) at the heart of Kowloon

Day Three:

Hongkong was cold and foggy, it even drizzled for awhile when we were at the Avenue of Stars, so I can't really use my camera. I wonder why, I thought it supposed to be spring already :S

On the tram to The Peak. Look at those fog!

At Madamme Tussauds

On the way back to the Central Pier

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