Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Addicting Youtube Videos ⚇

Now I know why I haven't blogged as much as I did in high school. I'm super busy now, I think college life had consumed almost all of my spare time that I usually have to blog. But it's semester break, and it also the fasting month: I have nothing to do. I was so lazy to go outside even just to watch The Dark Knight Rises in the nearest cinema (and yeah it actually only needs less than 10 minutes to go there). What I do is watching Skins all day & browsing the internet (well I'm doing 'something' that I'm so excited about but I can't tell you guys now yet), so now, I'm gonna share you some of my favorite youtube channels. Maybe my favorites are kind of random but these channels are the one that I constantly watch and I'm always excited whenever I see their newest video in my youtube home.

1. Clothes Encounters 
The channel owner is Jennifer Im. She made the channel with Sarah Chu, her best friend, that moved out to other city for education purpose. After that, Jenn continued the channel alone. Clothes Encounters is filled with Jenn's thrift haul, how she style certain outfits for some occasions, outfit of the day, favorite fashion items, etc. What I like about her? She's so beautiful. If you don't think so, I believe you have something wrong in your brain. The way she describes her outfit is different from the other fashion channel in youtube.

2. Niga Higa
Man, he's the funniest person I found in the internet. His name is Ryan Higa. I think he started his channel with lo-fi digital camera but if you watch his channel now, you'll see that he must be using some high quality camera because the shot looks so professional.
Anyway, his channel basically filled with.... random things: imaginary products advertisement, funny rants, funny movie trailer, funny music video, and others. His video never fails to make me laugh.

You want to feel some adrenaline rush by riding a roller coaster, but you're too scared to ride it or Indonesian roller coasters suck? Then you'll love Coaster Force. I don't know much about the owner, but all I know is they upload videos from many people around the world, so it's not only one person behind the channel. The channel will show you HD off and on ride POV videos of hundreds roller coaster around the world. Not only roller coaster videos, but you can watch many other on-ride videos like log flume and others. Believe me, you will also feel the tingling inside your stomach when you watch them.

This was made by Benny and Rafi Fine. I basically subscribe to them because of their episodes called React. What  is React? React is episodes where Benny and Rafi show a couple of kids, teenager, and elders some videos, record their reaction and ask them comments about the videos. They can be SUPER HILARIOUS. My favorite is Kids React. Reaction from a bunch of kids about some very random videos  is really funny to watch :)

That is all for now, but (hopefully) I will post more channels later. Bye! xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bits of Malang

Gonna share you some of the pictures that I took in Malang. Let the pictures talk, shall we? :)

Bakso Malang Pahlawan Trip

Eating ice cream at Toko Oen

Having fun in Batu Night Spectacular

Kerak Telor at Alun-Alun Batu

Feeding some animals in Batu Secret Zoo

Random animals in the zoo

Museum Satwa

Before our flight home.

Happy fasting for all muslims around the world!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mountain and Cloud and Grass

Semester break had already started and this is my first real holiday as a college student, since last semester I have to do a month of internship. Anita, Nicho, Willy, Rafif, Adit and I decided to go to Malang for several days before the fasting month started.
If you've been my blog reader for awhile, maybe you know that I almost move to Malang for college but then decided to go into my current college, and when I visited the city, I went to some great places in Batu like Batu Secret Zoo and Batu Night Spectacular. This time, I went there again, so I'm not gonna bore you with the pictures (at least for now).
We also went to Bromo, but although I already post some Bromo pictures more than one year ago, I think the pictures that I took few days ago are blog-worthy. The weather was way better when I was there few years ago. It was foggy when we arrived and we couldn't see the sun rise at all because of the fog and cloud, but now I get a chance to see some different sceneries of the place.