Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mountain and Cloud and Grass

Semester break had already started and this is my first real holiday as a college student, since last semester I have to do a month of internship. Anita, Nicho, Willy, Rafif, Adit and I decided to go to Malang for several days before the fasting month started.
If you've been my blog reader for awhile, maybe you know that I almost move to Malang for college but then decided to go into my current college, and when I visited the city, I went to some great places in Batu like Batu Secret Zoo and Batu Night Spectacular. This time, I went there again, so I'm not gonna bore you with the pictures (at least for now).
We also went to Bromo, but although I already post some Bromo pictures more than one year ago, I think the pictures that I took few days ago are blog-worthy. The weather was way better when I was there few years ago. It was foggy when we arrived and we couldn't see the sun rise at all because of the fog and cloud, but now I get a chance to see some different sceneries of the place.